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Summer Salt Body

Crystal Soap Collection

Crystal Soap Collection

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These Crystal Inspired Soaps each take the form of a different beautiful stone - Rose Quartz, Opal, Aquamarine, Amethyst and Lapis Lazuli.

These Australian made Crystal Soaps are a truly luxurious way to wash and cleanse your skin.

Read more about the options below;

  • Known as the Love Stone, Rose Quartz possesses energy related to the heart chakra and will enhance your self love as well as the love you have for others. It carries a gentle and soothing energy to heal and promote inner peace. Jasmine scented.
  • Opal is known to inspire originality and boost creativity. The energies of this stone will also encourage you to express your true self. You will feel confident and comfortable in your own skin, and this will radiate in your words, thoughts, and actions. Coconut and vanilla scented.
  • Known as the treasure of the mermaids, Aquamarine offers protection and holds a very soothing energy. It is ruled by the moon and infused with yin, feminine energy. It is healing and nourishing as it brings joy and a sense of harmony. Lemongrass scented.
  • Amethyst is known to protect against negative energy. It reminds us to always treat the body and the mind as a sacred temple. It helps us rid unhealthy attachments and is wonderfully cleansing. Lavender scented.
  • Known as the stone of transformation, honesty, self-awareness and mysticism, Lapis Lazuli is known for its high vibrational energy and spiritual potential. It reminds us to take responsibility for our own choices and learn from the past. Jasmine, Frankincense and Lime scented.



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Received this as a gift - it's the most stunning bath product I've ever owned - it looks and smells incredible. Almost too beautiful to use!